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26 Jul 2016

In the suburbia there are not any deer. Right now there are only (intensifier) deer, with "intensifier" replaced by one of several words not publishable here.

That, at least, is the position of the Cha?non of Americans With Dropped Perfectly Good Automobiles in Collisions With Deer (full disclosure: founding member), as well as its sis organization, Gardeners Sick of Having Valuable Plants Consumed by Deer.

Members of these groups will find little comfort in Wednesday's installment of the PBS series "Nature. " The episode's title, "The Non-public Life of Deer, very well suggests that we have finally gotten the goods on these omnipresent monsters by wiretapping them or some such and...

20 Jun 2016

You've been dreaming of that Blackberry Storm 9530 for ages. But when you be able to the mobile phone store, the dealer talks you into a Blackberry Tour 9630 instead (at almost one hundred or so bucks more! )

That depends. Did the jeweler upsell you because this individual realized from proper wondering there were features you wanted that the Head to had but the Surprise didn't - or would he just upsell you to cause you to spend more money?

The other reality is... the majority of folks I surveyed  Elephone S3   they bought their mobile mobile phones based on fashion and prestige, rather than operation.

The other major pattern I noticed: most mentioned camera function as an essential feature. Most publicly stated they did...