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20 Oct 2017

Google Analytics users continue to battle it out with fake referrals menace. Any spammy-looking, odd referral should be urgently removed in a Google Analytics account. Referral spams have an impact of skewing data in GA accounts and, in worst case scenarios, damage a site’s reputation.

In this regard, Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, highlights here how spam referrals can be removed from Google Analytics.

How harmful is ghost referrals?

Firstly, referral spam messes up GA data. Big businesses that receive thousands of visits every day might fail to notice the dramatic changes experienced by smaller enterprises caused by referral spam. Typically, ghost referrals have 100% bounce rate and very little time on...

20 Oct 2017

Understanding and analyzing where your spiking traffic comes from is of utmost importance when it comes to search engine optimization. As a website owner, it’s also important to interpret your Google Analytics correctly to avoid making wrong business decisions. Small business owners have been raising issues regarding fake referral spam, a big problem that has been jeopardizing online marketers.

As an e-commerce website owner, Google Analytics is a tool that you should always use. Google Analytics empowers marketers to track down and analyze their GA reports. Webmasters and search engine optimization firms believe that referral spam and unwanted traffic is a problem that should be addressed.

Nik Chaykovskiy, a top specialist from 

20 Oct 2017

Any company can set up a successful online business. In most cases, websites which have good backup SEO methods help their webmasters reach high levels of internet marketing level. In these cases, webmasters employ digital marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In all these cases, the goal constitutes of a rigid plan which can make the presence of the brand vivid. In online marketing, SEO and other digital marketing strategies make a website execute numerous plans in its marketing agenda. In these cases, websites have a hard time in finding an ample position on their search engine platforms. There are many referral spam attacks on the radar of many eCommerce setups. Google Analytics Spam attacks can paralyze...

20 Oct 2017

Botnets are one of the biggest IT security challenges facing computer users today. Thousands of botmasters are working round the clock to evade security roadblocks developed by security companies and other concerned agencies. The botnet economy, in its complexity, is growing tremendously. In this regard, Frank Abagnale, the SemaltCustomer Success Manager, would like to tell you about an awesome practice by Cisco computer company.

In a recent study by a Cisco security research team, it was found out that there are botmasters who are making up to US$10,000 a week from bot activities. With this kind of motivation to individuals who’d be interested in getting their hands into the crime, billions of unsuspecting computer users are at a...

20 Oct 2017

There are a large number of viruses, spyware, worms, adware, keyloggers, rootkits, Trojans, botnets, and backdoors that attack users’ devices on a daily basis. While most of them can be destroyed using antivirus and anti-malware programs, but some are quite dangerous, and it becomes tough for us to protect our computers from them. Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, warns all internet users that malware like botnets and rootkits are the most dangerous forms, and it’s almost impossible for us to prevent their arrival by the whole. The list of permutations of malicious programs and internet baddies is far beyond completion. Every webmaster and social media user has fallen a victim of botnet zombies and computer viruses...

20 Oct 2017

If you notice an increase in some views of your website without SEO, there are chances that you have become the victim of referral spam websites such as and Such sites send fake visitors to your site and create a mess in your Google Analytics data.

Referral spam has become a major problem for webmasters. If you are not familiar with this term, Andrew Dyhan, a leading expert of Semalt, emphasizes that it is traffic from spiders and bots that tend to show lots of visits in your Google Analytics data.

Since they are not humans and are not interested in your content, you will never be able to generate leads with referral spam and cannot run your business successfully on the internet. The pseudo traffic has...

20 Oct 2017

Here, Lisa Mitchell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, has talked about how to eliminate zombies or spam after you received an email. She also discusses how to clean up the infected computer systems. Meanwhile, you should bear in mind that ZombieAlert can be configured or altered for sending you the same messages as shown by SophosLabs.

Identify the IP addresses of the Zombie computers

The first step is to identify the IP addresses of the zombie computers so that you can block them easily. Once you received the alert email, you should observe which network or IP address this email has come from. It is essential to block the IP address as soon as possible, and you will have to look at the firewalls, core switches and network appliances...

20 Oct 2017

Most recently, a lot of people were found to be discussing methods to block the referral spam and that the channel attribution is of great importance. Here, Andrew Dyhan, a top specialist from Semalt, has shared some methods to exclude referrer spam from Google Analytics. But first of all, let’s know a little about it.

Introduction to Google Analytics referrer spam

Google Analytics referrer spam is a form of hacking that is used to send fake data to your analytics account. A special protocol is used in this regard, named as Measurement Protocol, which collects information about your website and damages the Google Analytics report by tricking it in one way or the other. It sends fake traffic to your website, showing the hits in the...

20 Oct 2017

Oliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, explains that cybercriminals use “bots” to control malware-infected computers or devices. For this to be possible, they have to be part of a network for the attacker to co-opt them this way.

Creating a botnet

There are a lot of ways through which attackers can plant bot programs. By the way, machines already infected with malware are called “bots” or “zombies.” The most common way to make user’s computers get infected is when you are browsing a potentially harmful website. Being on the site, the “bot” programs assess its vulnerabilities and take advantage of it. If it successfully gains entry into the computer, a bot then installs itself. Another way is when an attacker...

20 Oct 2017

Internet sta diventando uno dei più efficaci strumenti di marketing del secolo. Le grandi aziende hanno beneficiato della possibilità di ottenere molti clienti dalla piattaforma online. Nella maggior parte dei casi, i gestori di siti web di e-commerce si impegnano in internet marketing per aumentare la loro presenza online. Proprio come altri obiettivi di marketing, lo scopo di ogni marketer di internet è quello di raggiungere il maggior numero di potenziali clienti possibile. È il successo del processo di SEO. D’altra parte, le aziende beneficiano di molti clienti che scorrono nei propri siti web. Molte agenzie offrono numerosi servizi SEO locali come il backlink e la ricerca di parole chiave.

Oliver King, responsabile del...