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10 Aug 2017
When speaking about the town of Paris and cabaret particularly, one position generally rises in your thoughts: The Moulin Rouge. It's without a shadow of any doubt the absolute most famous on earth even comparable to the Eiffel System as a Parisian attraction.

It was integrated 1889 by Josep Oller and Charles Zidler in the section of Pigalle, a red light region at the base of Montmartre. From the time, it has been at the centre of Parisian nightlife. From the exterior, it resembles a huge windmill with rotating blades and has been the house to such musicians like Liza Minelli, Joe Sinatra, Edith Piaf, Ginger Rogers and Yves Montand. If you have anybody who stood out and created their tag regarding the Moulin Rouge it would have to be Celeste Mogador, inventor of the famous Quadrille. Moulin Rouge Show

At this time the Montmartre section was very popular, but prostitutes and such used to generally meet there. The Moulin Rouge shortly became a delicious salon frequented by the aristocracy. Nowadays though, it's one end that is vital for lots of the tens of thousands of tourists who happen to be Paris yearly.

In its early times it was a shrine for opera and a dance hall and through the years it became one of many first places where striptease was permitted much to the amazement of all present. Currently it gives numerous selection shows concerning around 100 musicians (60 of them will be the popular "Doriss Women" - the legendary Moulin Rouge dancers). Additionally, it provides an exemplary selection if you choose to eat at the Moulin Rouge.

The post-impressionist painter Toulouse-Lautrec also used the famous cabaret as a great supply of inspiration for a lot of his works. It was also the concept of a guide that would provide origin to the film with the same title recorded in 1952 and which starred José Ferrer and Zsa Gabor and in 2001, a brand new film/musical was encouraged and named Moulin Rouge, this time with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor as the main stars of the film.

Taking in the Moulin Rouge on your own Paris trip might be around 100 EUR to see the show, and between 140 and 170 EUR for both meal and a show. Are you currently thrilled as of this possibility? Would you want to attend the world famous cabaret? Why not lease some of the greatest apartments in Paris and discover its secret?


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