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04 Jul 2017

Tea is one nutritional drink that contains almost no calories unless sugar and/or milk are added. It can also be the most used beverage on a level with water and can thus quickly be properly used as an alternative to other more fattening drinks.

Although originating from China, the seed from which most Asian teas are manufactured from is currently being grown in around 30 nations with the key manufacturers being Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Indonesia, and India.

While you can find four important forms of teas namely the bright, green, Oolong, and dark tea, they are all however derived from exactly the same Camellia sinensis plant.

But, the term "green tea" has been used to synonymously reference practically all Asian teas despite their different classification notwithstanding that they originate from the same seed source. So why it's common for most people to refer to the majority of fat loss teas as merely being green tea extract, it is but very important to realize that their different classifications have a lot to state about the specific character and qualities of each one of these teas.

The variations between these four tea types could be said to be a purpose of the different running procedures which primarily has regarding the length of time the tea leaves are allowed to "ferment" or "oxidize ".This really is so because despite the fact that the fundamental running ideas remain exactly the same internationally, the way of managing and control the sprouts and leaves of the plant after harvesting varies from place to country.

This is often considered many delicately and least refined tea in the world. It is manufactured out of leaves which can be picked before they're fully open, when the sprouts remain covered with fine, bright hairs which give it the white look.

It is basically made from small leaves that are not fermented at all as they are simply harvested, washed, dry and packaged. It generally does not have the grassy taste of green tea extract but has a relatively moderate taste and natural sweetness.


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